Free Burrrrrrito!

Image and burrito borrowed from Qdoba... I don't think they'll mind.

I’m really looking forward to my free burrito for tomorrow’s lunch. And you can have one too! All you have to do is go to Qdoba and play their little game, and poof, you get a coupon for a free burrito. True, it’s with the purchase of a free drink, but we’re talking less than $2.

I’ve done well by Qdoba this year. This past winter they posted a MASH game online (like the one we all played growing up) and at the end, you got a coupon for two items priced for less than $5. My kind of lunch.

Also, make sure you pick up a valued customer savings card. This past year Qdoba offered free chips and salsa every time my Celtics scored 95 points or higher. All I had to do was send my valued customer card number to a web address, and they automatically added the foods to my card. Hooray for free food!

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