How Two Buck Chuck Stays Two Bucks

Interesting read about Trader Joe’s in the latest issue of Fortune magazine. I knew from my work as a prospect researcher that TJ’s was owned by a massive, secretive German corporation, but the article goes into a lot more detail about how the company keeps its prices so low.

I remember I was once at a Christmas party and met a TJ’s crew member. He started talking about how to keep the prices so low, the shop had basically tossed out the book on sustainability. I decided to ignore him and concentrate on my egg nog. La la la, can’t hear you!


One thought on “How Two Buck Chuck Stays Two Bucks

  1. Wow, fascinating! I shared on FB too! It’s also relevant to my theatre work–as in we want to be the cool theatre company that everyone talks to, and has devoted followers who “advertise” for us.

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