From the Comments

I wanted to share a comment that my husband had made on my original post. He made it at my behest, but he went off on his own tangent, which I think is very worth reading:

Molly asked me to clarify that I actually did end up finding a job. So fear not, I am eating not the bread of idleness.

Nonetheless, Molly’s been planning this blog for a very long time, and I think it’s still relevant because I was amazed at how little we had to change our eating habits during our period of diminished income. Sure, we cut back on eating out almost entirely, except for Molly’s beloved Esperia Grill, the best greek food in Boston. I also scaled back my craft beer habit, but for the most part, our food at home stayed almost entirely the same.

Despite my employment, I think her blog is still relevant because we’re still in a recession. I work in public transportation, and there’s been a marked increase in ridership on the T and the bike paths around the city this year. (Whether the T can afford to keep up with demand is an entirely different matter and what I worry about all day, but I digress.)

But that sort of trend, combined with stories about Americans paying off debt and shopping at thrift stores, makes me wonder whether this recession, tough as it’s been, might actually be pushing us towards a more sustainable, less materialistic lifestyle. If that’s so, I bet a lot of people will be cooking like my wife pretty soon.

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