A Summer Shandy

I never developed a taste for red wine; I blame it on the migraines. This is not to say I didn’t enjoy myself a tasty beverage when we were in Spain, the land of Rioja. When in Madrid, I fell in love with clara con limon, or simply, clara. Otherwise called a shandy, it’s light beer mixed with a citrusy soda, poured over ice.

I hadn’t really thought about clara since we got back from our trip. But when Rich came home from a bachelor party this past weekend with a leftover case of Narragansett, it all came back to me.

The recipe couldn’t be simpler: Pour half a can of macro-American lager (‘Gansett, PBR, even Amstel Light, etc) into a glass with three ice cubes, then top it with an equal amount of lemon-lime soda. We used a lemon Italian soda from Whole Foods, but some recipes call for plain old 7-Up.

The only tricky part is the ice: sometimes Rich forgets the recipe and we have empty trays in the freezer. Ahem.


8 thoughts on “A Summer Shandy

  1. I used to love red wine, but recently it began giving me headaches and I just don’t enjoy it anymore. Clara con limon sounds like a marvelous summer drink. I like the citrusy-bubbly aspect (I’m a big Champagne fan, fortunately no headaches there!).

  2. We are definitely on the same brain-length! I was totally telling everyone how much I love shandies the other day! It was (uncharacteristically) hot enough to warrant them for once. I’m gonna go ahead and try it with German white wheat beer instead, since that is what they use in DE 🙂

  3. This kind of reminds me of some sort of hillbilly concoction some college friends of mine used to make–mixing beer and lemonade at parties. Of course, this sounds more refined and perhaps more age appropriate for me at this point in my life! I am a red wine drinker (lover of it, too) but I will try just about anything that goes down easy.

  4. I love that drink – Leinenkugel actually makes a Summer Shandy beer that is perfect for the summer – but I think your idea would be cheaper! 😀

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