New arrival!

I’d like to introduce you to Beatrix Louise Parr. Lilli’s little sister joined us on June 6, and has done an exemplary job of being a newborn: sleeping, eating, and filling up diapers. I wish she’d had gotten the memo about being an ace burper, but I’ll give her a pass on that one for a few more weeks.11401510_10102174805364411_4153459263116242899_n

For those wondering about her name, she was named for my Oma’s sister Bertel (a nickname for Bertha). As some of you may recall, Lilli was named for Oma, so we decided to reunite the sisters. Louise is for Nana Parr – Lois – and yes, we did distribute copies of her amazing cookie recipe at her naming ceremony. Beatrix’s Hebrew name is Bayla Ruth, Tante Bertel’s Hebrew name, and the Ruth in honor of Rich’s Grams as well as his Aunt Ruthie who just passed.

We’re still working on her nickname. I find myself calling her “Bea” although there is definitely a vocal Trixie faction, with one friend even giving us a copy of Mo Willem’s Knuffle Bunny to hammer¬†the¬†point home. Most amazing of all: Our neighbors welcomed a daughter on May 19 and we just found out her name – Ramona. So Bea or Trixie, she will forever be known as Beezus when she goes next door to play.

Having a toddler and a newborn is hard work, so this site has been unusually quiet these past few weeks. Added to the mix is a shoulder injury that has really kept me off the computer as well as being in the kitchen. (This is being written on my Galaxy S5 with additional help from Rich). Thankfully I finally started physical therapy for it last week – they couldn’t treat me until I had a baby – so I should be back in the kitchen soon.11428543_10101893535127222_3839312636187220219_n