Beyond Bubbe’s Kitchen

My grandmother’s brisket was epic. Her cheese blintzes were so remarkable, I can never bring myself to buy the frozen kind. So when I found out about Beyond Bubbe’s Kitchen, where 15 of the Boston area’s most talented chefs put a new twist on traditional Jewish dishes, I took note. The event is put on by Prism, the New Center for Arts & Culture’s program for Jewish young professionals.

Here’s the entire menu for you to peruse. I can’t wait to try Julio de Haro of Estragon’s take on brisket, which will be braised in pomegranate juice, and served with pomegranate seeds and onion confit. Or Erwin Ramos of Ole’s blintzes: tamales de chocolate with sweet fruit topping.

The event will be hosted by Michael Schlow of Radius. Several chefs will provide short demonstrations. All guests will receive a booklet of recipes for the dishes prepared that evening; last year’s included Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger’s East-West Brisket Potstickers.

Plus, my personal Jewish cookbook hero, Joan Nathan, is the guest speaker.

Tickets are an amazingly reasonable $36 if you’re 39 or younger, or $136 for 40+.

Beyond Bubbe’s Kitchen will take place on Sunday January 30th at 5:30 PM at the Moakley Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Way, South Boston.  For more information call 617-531-4610 or go to


The Group Behind Groupon

This morning Rich and I got ourselves a dinner at one of his favorite restaurants for half price. And all I did this was read the daily Groupon deal that came to my inbox. I knew Groupon was getting big when I heard  the anti-report on Marketplace a few weeks ago, but I had no idea it was the fastest growing company in Web history until I read today’s Forbes cover story. Personally, I love this new world of Group Coupons. For me, it’s a way to enjoy a nice meal that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to enjoy. And for the restaurant, it’s great publicity.

Dollar. Taco. Tuesday.

Tomorrow is my favorite kind of Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! Here’s the deal: Ken Oringer’s little taqueria, La Verdad, which is across the street from Fenway Park, sells some of their tacos for $1 on Tuesdays when the Red Sox aren’t playing at home. Which means that’s where you’ll find me every Tuesday from November through March.

I’ve found that two is enough, three if I’m feeling very very hungry. And when I say chicken taco, I mean achiote BBQ chicken with pickled red onions and sour orange. The other $1 choices are the pig ones. I can’t vouch for them, but I hear they’re also fantastic.

Please Note: There is a new chef at La Verdad and the tacos have changed. Not to worry, they are still incredibly delicious. Also, to qualify for the dollar taco deal, you now have to eat inside the restaurant.

As of January 25, 2011, Taco Tuesday begins at 5PM.

It's much tastier than it looks. I was still a novice at whipping out my camera in restaurants when this was taken.

Free Burrrrrrito!

Image and burrito borrowed from Qdoba... I don't think they'll mind.

I’m really looking forward to my free burrito for tomorrow’s lunch. And you can have one too! All you have to do is go to Qdoba and play their little game, and poof, you get a coupon for a free burrito. True, it’s with the purchase of a free drink, but we’re talking less than $2.

I’ve done well by Qdoba this year. This past winter they posted a MASH game online (like the one we all played growing up) and at the end, you got a coupon for two items priced for less than $5. My kind of lunch.

Also, make sure you pick up a valued customer savings card. This past year Qdoba offered free chips and salsa every time my Celtics scored 95 points or higher. All I had to do was send my valued customer card number to a web address, and they automatically added the foods to my card. Hooray for free food!

Deliciously Affordable Buffet, Monday, August 23

This buffet sounds delicious and quite affordable:

Smart Peoples’ Lounge

Monday August 23

6 to 10

Bring your eyes ears hearts minds tongues teeth …the whole alimentary canal .. feet tushes

Featuring art works by Sylvain Malfroy-Camine

$10 includes buffet of seasonal foods from independent local farms

Pizza with Chestnut Farms goat, paprika-Aleppo harissa and Naragansett feta

White pizza with fresh mozzarella, and pesto with Grateful Farm basil

Kimball Farm heirloom tomatoes

Adobo seasoned Kimball Farm corn

Braised Chestnut Farms pork belly with spicy kim chi of wild fermented Dick’s Farmstand cabbages

House made pickles

Flats Mentor Farm pea tendrils with Kimball Farm radishes

Mac and cheese with Smith Farm raw milk 2-year aged gouda, 4-year aged cheddar, onions and pimenton

Cold brewed iced tea

Cold brewed iced coffee

Please RSVP to Debbie 781 648 2800

Prose 352A Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, MA 02474 781 648 2800