Boston Local Food Festival

We’re heading out to the Boston Local Food Festival today to enjoy the local bounty with farmers, chefs and some affordable delicious food. It’s from 11am-5pm at Fort Point Channel. Event organizers are encouraging people to make this event as sustainable as possible, so if you can, bring your own plates and utensils.

One thought on “Boston Local Food Festival

  1. This is my very first blog entry of any sort, ever. So, here it goes…I’ve never been much of a food connoisseur and I’ve been described as having non-discriminating taste buds like those of a dog, but I do appreciate the awesome stuff that Molly makes. For instance, she just left me with some butternut squash pasta with garlic and pistachios. It was delicious, even if it’s cold (which is how I eat most all of my food). I’ve come to enjoy garlic more, but have to use those Listerine breath strips before going back to work. The squash was tasty and supplied that mushy food factor that I love.

    I’ll write more later. Thanks for reading,

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