By the Way

My mother asked me last week if I was still writing The Four Questions column over on, and I realized I had been negligent in cross-posting the interviews with my blog. To make up for this oversight on my part, here is an interview with award-winning local chef Michael Leviton, the man behind Lumiere and Kendall’s hot new spot, Area Four. He’ll be hosting seders at Lumiere the first and second nights of Passover. They’ll even be serving matzos they’ve baked in the pizza ovens at Area Four throughout the whole holiday for people who want to eat out but still respect the holiday.


One thought on “By the Way

  1. I’m so jealous. Last year I ate at what is Portland’s closet thing to a Jewish deli and they had NOTHING kosher for Passover. The server said we have matzah. Thanks. I’ll have a matzah with a side of matzah.

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