My Best Recipe Ever

I have something special for you today.

Her name is Lilli Virginia, and she joined us on January 25, 2013 at 6:55am.

She’s our little peanut, weighing in at 6 pounds and 4.6 ounces, and 19.5 inches in length. She’s the spitting image of her daddy, but I’m hoping and wishing for blonde hair.


So sorry for springing this on you so suddenly: Jews are very superstitious when it comes to pregnancies and babies. No baby showers, no nurseries. In fact, we didn’t bring anything for the baby into our house until there was an actual baby.

I’ll be sharing stories and dishes from the past nine months that I’ve held on to. And, for about a month leading up to Lilli’s arrival I baked and cooked an entire freezer full of meals and snacks. I’ll be sure to share some of those recipes with you, too. But for now, all I’m making are lots of baby burritos.

Lilli is the best thing I’ve ever cooked.


22 thoughts on “My Best Recipe Ever

  1. Mazel tov, Molly! She is absolutely beautiful, and I (obviously) love her name:) Eli hopes to have a playdate with Lilli soon — he knows he’ll love her because she has the same birthday as his Bubbie!

  2. I can’t wait to meet the little peanut. I’m still so impressed as to how you were able to channel your “Jewperstition” and keep this under wraps on all social media channels. Glad you and Rich are doing well.

  3. Mazel tov!! This is such happy news and I’m thrilled for you and Rich. Lilli is just adorable and I’m glad to know you are all doing well. Savor every moment and rest when you can. xx

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