Stuck In My Head

Every so often, a really good song gets stuck in my head, and I feel compelled to share it with friends. I know I’m not alone: Martin Scorsese has had the same song stuck in his head for 30 years.

The dish I have to share with you today is like a really good song that’s stuck in my head and I need to share it. It’s a simple salad, really. Nothing special. But it just works so well: Thin discs of crisp, peppery radish, tossed with crumbles of soft, salty feta cheese,  married by a healthy dose of tangy red wine vinegar and speckled with green onion. I’m not talking about fancy Easter egg or watermelon radishes; just your Plain Jane radish, the kind that works well in the early days of spring. It’s the time of year when I’m still wearing a winter coat, but I don’t have to wear my boots anymore. We’ve put away the shovels (although Rich tells me we could get 5 inches Friday) and are anxiously awaiting the first flowers of springtime. Soon enough, we’ll be eating  artichokes and asparagus, but we’re not quite there yet.

This salad has been on repeat the past few weeks. I think a dinner guest summed it up best when he had his first bite and said “Molly, I don’t think I’ve ever really enjoyed a radish until this moment in my life.” It’s that good.

This is one of those salads that you’ll make over and over and won’t need to measure it, but I tried to get rough numbers tonight when I made it so I could share it with you. A mandolin, although fun and exciting, is not necessary for this. All you need is a good, sharp knife and cutting board. I guarantee it’ll get stuck in your head.

Radish and Feta Salad


One bunch of radishes, sliced thin. My guess is an 1/8 of an inch. No thicker than a 1/4.

1/4 cup of feta, crumbled

2 Tablespoons olive oil

Between 3 and 4 Tablespoons red wine vinegar

Three green onions, cut into thin slices


Toss everything together in a bowl. Because I love things puckery, and I know many don’t, my advice is to start with 2 Tablespoons of vinegar, give it a taste, and add more if you think it’s necessary. As a side, this salad serves 4, although I’ve taken to eating it as a main dish.


21 thoughts on “Stuck In My Head

  1. Awesome, I always see radishes in the store, but can’t think of a way to excite me to buy them other than chopping and adding to a plain salad. Feta will definitely spice em up!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. If you’re looking for something else to do with radishes, one of the first recipes I posted was pickled radishes. So yummy!

  2. I love radishes on buttered slices of baguette, but having them star in a salad is a new idea for me. Thanks for the tip, Molly—this salad sounds spicy, tangy, and wholly wonderful!

  3. What a great way to eat radishes! I feel like I’ve never enjoyed a radish in my entire life either- unless it was pickled. Pairing it with feta cheese and red wine vinegar sounds awesome. I’m going to have to give it a try. Thanks for stoppin by the blog.


  4. What a great way to make use of radishes! I think that with some sourdough and butter on the side (and maybe a cheeky glass of white wine) this would make such a great lunch when the sun comes out again. Thank you!

  5. This looks delicious! I admit, the first thing I thought was “why not with watermelon radishes?” We just tried some for the first time the other day, and I think that was the first time *I’ve* ever enjoyed a radish. But this recipe definitely looks like it’s worth trying too!

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